Zooplankton Collection Database Format (WWW version)

This database includes basic collection information for all of the zooplankton 
samples in the collection.  It is in ASCII format and contains the following 
fields (some of which may be left blank):
    Expedition --Name of expedition or cruise (30 characters)
    StaLine -----CalCOFI designated station line number; 
                   for CalCOFI and related cruises only (6 characters)
    StaNo. ------Station number or letter (10 characters)
    Event_No --- Number
    Lat. --------Latitude (decimal degrees;  "+" = N, "-" = S; (8 characters)
    Long. -------Longitude (decimal degrees; "+" = E, "-" = W; (8 characters)
    Year --------(4 characters)
    Month -------(2 characters)
    Day ---------(2 characters)
    Start time --Local time sampling began (4 characters)
    End Time ----Local time sampling ended (4 characters)
    Min. Depth --Minimum depth of sample (m.; 4 characters)
    Max. Depth --Maximum depth of sample (m.; 4 characters)
    Net Type  ---Type of sampling equipment (1-m ring net, bongo
                   net, pump, CalVet net, MOCNESS, etc. .; 12 characters)
    Size_Fr -----Size fraction (for microplankton samples only, where 
                   fractionated by size class; 7 characters)
    Mesh --------Mesh size of collecting net (mm.; 4 characters)
    Tow type ----Type of net deployment (Oblique, vertical, horizontal,
                    neuston, unknown[= blank], etc.; 10 characters)
    Fixative / Preservative --- Unless otherwise indicated, buffered formalin

Creation Date: 19 September 1995