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Deep sea fishThe Marine Vertebrate Collection of Scripps Institution of Oceanography maintains approximately 2 million alcohol-preserved specimens in well over 100,000 lots, representing more than 5,500 species of fishes. The Collection maintains worldwide holdings of deep-sea and pelagic fishes as well as extensive holdings of shore fishes from the entire eastern Pacific. The Collection includes primary types of over 190 species (type catalog), skeletal preparations (both dried and cleared-and-stained) for over 1000 species (osteology catalog), otoliths from over 750 species (otolith collection), and tissues from over 500 species. Collection data for approximately 92,000 lots are available on a searchable database. The Marine Vertebrate Collection supports scientific research by providing specimens for studies on the taxonomy, evolution, and ecology of fishes. Specimens are available for examination at SIO and for loan to researchers at recognized institutions (loan policy). The Marine Vertebrate Collection also plays an integral role in the support of graduate courses and research at SIO.

Female of the deep-sea anglerfish, Melanocetus johnsoni
Photo: Norbert Wu
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